Here at The Electronic Store, we supply a wide range of CCTV options.

We have a range of DIY kits that come with everything you need and which are very simple to install. We also have an experienced installation team that is fully licensed and insured who will professionally install your system using the best equipment possible.

Our DIY kits are full High Definition. The resolution of the cameras is 1080x1920 (2MP). These cameras will give a very sharp picture on the Recording Device, Monitor or Smart Phone.

The Recording units can take 4,8 or 16 cameras, and give you up to 2 months of recording time. They have a full High Definition output onto the Monitor or TV screen. The menus are simple to operate, and each unit has a unique refence code to ensure the highest levels of privacy. Once an account is set up, and the unit is password protected, it is impossible for any 3rd party to view your cameras.

There are Apps on the Apple and Android stores that link with the CCTV systems. Once the app is installed, you can view your cameras anywhere in the world where you have internet access.

We stock a wide range of DVR Systems and NVR Systems. The DVR Systems generally use wired cameras, but there is a facility to add 1 or 2 wireless cameras. The NVR Systems use wired and/or wireless cameras in any configuration.

Also available, we have a range of 3MP, 4MP and Pan, Tilt & Zoom Cameras. These are the latest cameras, and have even higher specs than our current range. Please enquire for details.

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If you need any advice, or have any questions about the DIY Kits, please email If you would like a professional installation, please call 0870969182 or email, and we will arrange a site visit.